Innocence Under Siege

By No Left Turn in Education (other events)

Saturday, March 18 2023 2:00 PM 5:00 PM EDT

Join us for a discussion on the harms of gender ideology in K-12 education. Exact location will be provided 2 days prior to event.

About our speakers:

Chloe Cole is an 18 year old de-transitioned female and Children’s Safety Advocate from California’s Central Valley. Chloe transitioned from a girl to a boy at the tender age of 14. At 16, she began detransitioning. Chloe now travels the country to share her experience, what influenced her to transition, the medical and mental health realities of the transition that were intentionally kept from her, and what led her to detransition.

Sara Higdon is a freedom loving, transsexual Libertarian, and distinguished Seven Year Army Veteran who transitioned from male to female as an adult. Sara served as a Logistics Officer and was awarded the Bronze Star after returning from deployment in Afghanistan. She is now the Communications Director for Trans Against Groomers , hosts the Transform to Freedom podcast, and travels the country speaking out against Radical Gender Ideology in K-12 Education.

Dr. Elana Fishbein is the Founder and President of No Left Turn in Education. After discovering divisive racial education in her children's public school, Dr. Fishbein created No Left Turn in Education in the living room of her home. The mission of No Left Turn in Education is to revive in American education the fundamental discipline of objective thinking by educating, empowering, and engaging students, parents, and community, emphasizing the role of the parent as the primary custodian and authority of their child.

Tami Hartlaub is a Forensic Nurse Examiner from York county, with over 30 years of experience in the nursing field. As a Forensic Nurse Examiner, Tami provides forensic examinations for adult and child victims of sexual and physical assault, including victims of human trafficking. She also provides testimony as an expert and fact witness in a court of law during hearings and trials regarding sexual and physical assault. Tami's work also includes presenting specialized trainings and workshops at conferences, hospitals, and universities throughout the country.